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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why buying a smartphone is so expensive.

You might not realize it, but if you have a modern smartphone in your pocket, you're carrying one of the most high-tech devices in the world. At the time of writing this, the latest and greatest iPhone 5, without a service plan, starts at $749. By comparison, a powerful home computer from a manufacturer like Dell — one that will last you a few good years — can cost as little as $500.
How then, does a mobile operator like AT&T offer the iPhone 5 for as little as $199? It's all thanks to a little thing called a "subsidy lock" or "SIM lock." When you buy a phone from AT&T, AT&T subsidizes your cell phone; it pays the full $749 to Apple. In return, you can only use your phone with AT&T. That's why you are forced to enter a 2-year contract when you buy the phone; if you were to go off the grid without paying for the phone, AT&T would be out that amount. This is also why carriers charge you an Early Termination Fee if you break your contract.
How it adds upEven though smartphones are usually marketed at an attractive price, you can be guaranteed that the monthly service plan charge will not be cheap. The minimum monthly fee for a data-and-calls plan with AT&T is $119.00, and you have to pay that for at least two years, for a total of $2,023.75. Add $199 for the phone and $36 for activation, and the total cost of ownership comes to just under $2,222.75
On the other hand, if you buy the phone separately, unlocked, for $749, you still need a data plan before you can use it in the U.S, but you won't be subject to early termination fees or a locked-in carrier contract.
So which is better?There's no doubt that smartphone use is cheaper if you simply buy a phone and use pre-paid cell service, rather than signing a 2-year contract. With a locked in 2-year contract you not only pay more but you lose flexibility. If your situation changes — if you move to an area with poor AT&T coverage, for example — you're stuck with a very attractive door stop.
On the other hand, if you opt for the contract-free approach, there are a wealth of options. You can switch between service providers whenever you like — and you can terminate whenever you like. You can also change your phone at any time, which is handy if you want to always have the latest and greatest phone.
Subsidized or not, smartphones are expensiveNo matter how you slice the pie, you're still going to be spending more than $2,300 for 2 years of smartphone usage with a contract — and that's with the cheapest data plan on offer. 

Now go to the and save yourself over $1000 in the next 2 years and perhaps earn a lot more than that long before that.

If you are like me, when I first saw the Solavei plan when my friend
Kris told me about it, all I saw was MLM - network marketing - and I
said - no way. However, I took a closer look and it just makes sense.
Nearly everyone has a cell phone. How many of them would like to get
cheaper cell service? How many of them would even like to get free
cell service? And now, how many would not only like to save money on
their cell service, but also at hundreds of retailers where they are already
shopping. Stores like Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, and so many more....
So there is obviously a market. It is not like we are selling and stocking
priced soap or coffee and the only reason people do it is to make
money. Solavei 
offers real value on products everyone is already using.
Today it is cell service. 
In June it expands to Home Depot, Walgreens,
Walmart, Publix, and many, many other retailers. 

Long term on the income side it also just makes sense. If you build your
Solavei team by sharing how to save money on cell service and other retail
purchases, the income just keeps growing and growing. Think of your car or
home insurance agent. If you have known them a long time, when they first
started they lived in an apartment and drove a used car. Twenty years later,
after building up their customer base, they live in the best part of town -
in a large home - and drive the best car.
They are set for life because of what they built. When they retire,
their income must drop, because the new agent will now be servicing
their customers. If you take a few years and slowly build your Solavei
business, you too can be set for life, but when you retire, your income
does not decrease; in fact it will probably keep increasing, and you can
pass it on to your kids.
Folks, this can, and will turn into a big deal. There are 300 million cell
phone accounts just in the USA. Solavei is next going into Canada and
Europe. Take a bit of time each week and grow your business. Just run
some Facebook Status updates like we teach and answer the replies honestly. That is all it
takes. No meetings, no begging friends and family, no inventory to stock.
On top of all that, you are providing a great service to people. One that
can change not only what they pay for cell service, but one that
can change their financial life - and even their children's financial life.
Yes - it is that good.
Now make the decision to get out of the rut you are in. It does not take
special skills or selling anything. Just help people - the more you help them
realize their dreams, the closer you get to making your dream come true. 
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There are close to 300,000,000 wireless cell accounts in the USA.
Solavei is opening in other world continents soon. 

What part of those accounts are you going to get paid on?

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