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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Massacre Prevention at a Level No One is Talking About... Yet...

Most people in my circle of friends understands that drugs don't heal. Western Medicine overlooks and does not understand optimized human fueling that is the wave of underlying malnourishment and acidic pH toxicity building up in the persons body to actually cause the biochemistry to not work as designed. It's also been widely stated in Whole Food Circles that the age at which humans show signs of the above 2 degenerative patterns will continue to get lower due to generations now of people brain washed into believing that cooked foods and eating animals is what humans are supposed to be made of and fueled by. I go on the record here as stating that genes give tendencies but Live, Whole, Raw Fruits, Greens and Cruciferous Vegetables, and conditioning determine to a much higher degree which genes express themselves. The wave of craziness that is appearing could stop dead in it's tracks if books like Douglas Graham 's The 80-10-10 Diet (Clickable link to a source for the book on the right side of this blog) that explains how human fueling works or does not work depending on fueling choices were studied and taught from grade school on up instead of how to profit from others ignorance through taste bud manipulation. Read the story below as it is a reality check for those still thinking that eating cooked - organically broken food parts and animal parts, fluids, products or any of the millions of chemicals man has justified adding to or exposing supposed food crops and animals as having no effect upon adults or children. TV, guns, bullying and genetics are small players in this unfolding nightmare... The hell these kids live in is an inside job and it's not from a lack of drugs.... Read this: To further understand why the World of Science and Medicine seem to not perceive that our food choices is the root of so much of the illnesses and erupting mental illness there is one cutting edge human brain - biochemistry researcher that has gone "Frugan" and experienced the "Awakening" that happens to every human once their entire body is properly fueled for perhaps the first time in it's life. He has posted some very revealing research both on his web page, through a free downloadable book and via YouTube interviews. His name is Tony Wright. His website is Tony Wright on YouTube: If you or someone you know is struggling with depression, mental illness, dark moods, mood swings and especially if your still perceiving that someone outside of you will either fix your problems or is the source of your problems you need to not only read the above books but implement what they point out to become whole and "In the Light" again. It's your life... Supposed Civilized Humanity is by default defective in knowledge and perception. One must be wiling to seek out those that your instincts tell you are breaking free or have broken free of the global curse of darkness and learn what they found out or "in" to cut the chains from their own minds and hearts. True Health and Freedom does exist... Pursue nothing else if you want your life to matter... Erskien Lenier Look me up on Facebook if you'd like to participate in evolving dialogues on such topics.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

What Actually Drives Erskien to Live and Post the Way He Does?

Being born with the realization that who and what I am and my drive to live my life from my own inspired spirit I hold these truths to be "Self Evident"....

A truly great teacher does not tell you what to think, but instead will teach you how to actually think....

The views of this YouTube poster very closely represents my own and I highly recommend that you watch as many of his videos and compared their messages against the back drop of your life and use what you find to lock arms with me and the growing Revolution of Others to unleash Freedom every where...

Join The Revolution and Live a Radical and Loving Life,

Erskien Lenier

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Best Source of Information about Living Successfully Fruitarian

I get bombarded with "Vegans" wanting me to endorse their version of Human Fueling. I have found it interesting in the sense that every fueling book reflects the limitations of the authors athletic development.

When I speak of development, I see that the body builder types whether Frugan or not in orientation they seem to supplement or eat far in excess of 10% of the calories from protein.

The rest of the none aerobically fit vegans seem to focus on more than 10% of their calories from fats and proteins and believe in "Super Foods". (There is no such thing as "Super Foods", either your foods feed and nourish or they are not human foods and they poison and limit human functionality) 

As a person who has always pursued body weight calisthenics oriented strength training and anaerobic threshold level endurance training I recognized that if a person really wants to be well rounded in fitness including recovery, strength, flexibility, and suppleness, one has to stay within the calorie-nutrient ratios that all other primates thrive within which is 80% of ones calories coming from living carbs, 10% from living proteins or living aminos and 10% of their fat calories from living fats or fatty acids.

 I am going to begin writing my own Ultra LandSurfing Fueling Guide that will come available somewhere in 2013 but until then the best guide to use and implement is still "The 80-10-10 Diet" by Douglas Graham 
available via the clickable image:


Erskien Lenier
Frugan LandSurfer