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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why a Better Future Cannot Capture the Current Imagination

The Masses have no real Imagination!

Ponder the above sentence on depth for a bit. When we are born our minds are fully wide open - unedited and imaginative. 

From there between quickly moving us away from breast milk (if we get any at all)  to frontal brain lobe deadening fluoride laced water, species inappropriate foods, putting fever into all foods (cooking and paste resizing everything), topped off with visual and auditory indoctrination camps that go on well into the late teens to mid 20's (formal schooling). All dedicated to pounding us into ignorance of our creative and imaginative parts of our brains only to rely on a tiny ego generating part if the brain based on right and wrong based on opinions and innuendo. 

The greatest task of modern humanity is to recognize this damage and reclaim what was stolen. To break out of our collective retardation and finally become "Human - Kind" and save not just the planet but ourselves from this terminal illness.

The direct path to reclaiming lost brain power is to carb up with lots of Raw, Ripe, Water Rich, Sweet Fruits... Move away from high protein, high fat, processed, man concocted ideas of food and what your innate powers blossom.

Erskien Lenier