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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Runners, Cyclist, Those dealing with Foot Pain

Some of you have heard me speak on this and far more of you have not and this is for you....

Neuropathy - A Life Stopping Pain in the Feet often mistaken for a broken bone and often mistreated by the medical profession. 

I am a 57 yr old male. I came from a season of life spanning over 23 yrs and 750,000 miles of bicycle road racing and training and transitioned to barefoot ultra distance running 7 yrs ago of which I've logged an additional 60,000 running miles now.

During the bicycle racing season of my life I noticed especially in hot weather, that my feet felt like they were on fire when riding in cycling shoes. I thought it was due to the constrictive nature of the laces or bindings of cycling shoes and tried both dumping my drinking water on my feet as I rode and buying more and more expensive shoes in an attempt to find a pair that didn't squeeze my metatarsals (or foot bones that connect the toes to the ankle area) together so much. Nothing worked.... 

7 yrs ago, it got so bad even on short rides, that I hung up the bike out of frustration and chronic discomfort. 

After a few weeks I knew I needed another way to "LandSurf" as not using my legs for real mobility was making me fat and stir crazy. 

I gained almost 30 lbs in the couple months of doing nothing but working and coming home and repeating. I was also consuming  mostly cooked high fat and high protein vegan foods up to this point diet wise I might add also.

I woke up one day and decided I'd return to running; even though back in the late 1970's my right knee self destructed while taking a "running break from cycling during the fall and winter. The damage was bad enough for the MD's to declare that I should be thinking about a complete knee replacement. I had no idea how I caused this other than "just running." 

My sojourn back into running again led to burning foot and knee pain and again led to buying all kinds of shoes and orthotics in an attempt to find comfort.

Then one day several miles into a run I experienced this massive, shooting pain half way between my right big toe and my ankle between the big toe metatarsal and the next toe over's metatarsal as if either a bone had snapped into and was trying to pierce the skin or someone had stabbed that area with a white hot piece of metal. 

I took my shoe and sock off and saw nothing except redness and tenderness to the touch between the bones.

I had my wife come get me and take me home. Thinking it would dissipate in a day or two if I stayed off of it running wise. I rode one of my bikes instead.... 

Even after a week, any attempt to run produced the same sharp painful result... Here I was the guy who could run 17-20 miles at a clip with my heart rate barely ticking above 120 beats per minute suddenly stifled by a pain that wouldn't allow me to run even a block without crippling pain!?

A week turned into a month... A month turned into 3 months... Even riding the bike became painful... I took to riding the bus back and forth to work. 

I scoured the internet looking for clues and solutions. 

I was able to rule out a broken bone as the pain was not in a bone but in between the metatarsals and on top of the gap in between them. As I continued my search determined that there had to be others out there that had experienced this and overcome it, I started coming up on post about Neuropathy or nerve degeneration or damage that resulted in voltage leakage being the cause of the pain.

Most sites tried to steer me towards seeing an MD and the approach from the medical view seemed stumped at having the symptoms - nerve sedated with drugs or the nerve surgically severed or removed! 

That all seemed absolutely barbaric and was filed into the same hopper in my brain as the medical diagnosis of having my right knee replaced long ago. Junk science or butcher for profit!

I came upon suggestions that the pain could a sign of B12 deficiency and a recommendation for a book called 

Could It Be B12?: An Epidemic of Misdiagnoses by Sally M. Pacholok

Click the Amazon image below to get a copy

This book listed a ton of symptoms of B12 deficiency including nerve sheath degeneration allowing the electrical impulse the nerve carries to "leak" into the surrounding tissues causing pain and weakness due to loss of voltage to the areas the electrochemical impulses were intended to be delivered to if the nerve sheath or insulation was intact.

This led me to research how B12 works, where it comes from, how best to get more of it into my body and what the various kinds of B12 were and why was there more than one kind?

Most who recognized B12 deficiency seemed to opt for injections. I hate needles and dealing with the medical establishment so I sought a non injectable form that I could either absorb through the skin externally or sublingually in the mouth or swallowed and got beyond the stomach for proper absorption in the parts of the digestive tract mentioned as ideal in my research.

That led me to The Neuropathy Treatment Group's website
where as I read their front page gave me hope as it implied they had formulated a vegan B12 formula that was focused on both the right kind of B12 + delivering the dose to the right area of the tract needed to regenerate the damaged tissues and nerve coverings. 

I called the number you'll see on their web page and spoke to the creator of this formula who is a licensed MD to share my symptoms and he fed back to me that what I had described as my symptoms were the typical pattern his formula was designed assist the body in dealing with. 

He offered a 2 week supply for free and that I should go ahead and set up an autoship order after that as he figured it might take my body more time to completely respond to this missing nutrition since I was aware of it for decades before this phone call.

He also shared that if this didn't help he had a full money back guarantee on any of this formula I purchased for up to one year. I thought "I can't lose and have everything to gain here!"

The bottle arrived about 4 days later and I started with 3 caps in the morning and 3 in the evening with food.

By day 3 the pain had subsided enough to go run 6 miles before my foot told me it that was a far as it was good for so far. By day 14, I was back to running 15 miles per day pain free!

By 3 weeks out, I did a 35 mile run from my front door up into the local mountains and back pain free.

I've got to say also that I am Vegan by choice and design.

I recognize that much of what we are encultured to eat is not optimal human foods regarding our bodys ability to heal and balance itself. 

I live primarily on fruits, greens and veggies with occasional cooked rice, beans, potatoes, corn. 

To learn more about my fueling go to and pay attention to the list of submenues available at the top of the page.

I have found and experienced that phasing out anything that caused water retention like minerally seasonings especially salts, and other animals body parts or DNA containing fluids.

I will also add that due to a combination of diet and learning to run without shoes or at most occasional thin running sandals:

I've managed to completely regenerate that busted right knee I've danced around for decades. 

PS: Regarding movement or exercise - know this....

The Human Lymph System is as large as the Human Circulatory System but has no heart to pump all that lymph. The Lymph System is the literally the Sewage System of the Body. 

The only thing that moves Lymph is muscular contraction. Lymph pathways go through every muscle and organ system in the body. So how many muscles does one need to contract and relax over and over again in a day to massage all that sewage out to keep the body clean internally


The Best Written Book on Vegan Fueling and Lifestyle Development yet published and available for FREE!

If you want to completely unedited truth about Vegan Fueling this it the Road Map you'll want to download and delve into right now and not come up until consumed... Relished... Savored... Devoured... 

It will bring daylight to the shit storm or disinformation out there on every approach to human fueling you have or will ever encounter and encourage and challenge you to test and research everything presented to see if it is true for you...

The Best Written Book on Vegan Fueling and Lifestyle Development yet published

His wife Freelee, also has an incredible ebook on the topic @

The Center of the Internet-Verse for Super Fit Vegans

Erskien Lenier

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Zeitgeist’s Peter Joseph on Wealth Illusion, Structural Violence & The Fear of Truth

How do we go about helping a world that has been myopically trained to act like it has ADHD "Look... Squirrel!" regarding having it's collective attention and focus lead around like an animal on a leash? How do we free up the masses awareness  that being able to choose between 40 brands of cereal at the grocery store is not Freedom? It's mental bondage packages as Consumerism.
How do we help them see beyond the System that Imprisons their Minds and uses everything a fodder for a system bent on turning everything including the planet into money...all driven my the psychotic pursuit of greed instead of everyones needs?

This video below is the very best piece I have been privy to so far by the Founder of The Zeitgeist Movement's - Peter Joseph on Wealth Illusion, Structural Violence & The Fear of Truth.

Wet your thirst, go grab a glass of pure water or soothing tea and a couple pieces of fruit and kick back uninterruptedly and watch this.... Absolutely profound how he articulates so very complex and never pulled together by any other source data points that cause your consciousness to lean to the edge of your chair with "WOW!!!" as you feel your heart rate increasing with each agreement with the mind pictures he paints for us.

 Feel free to google Zeitgeist Movement to learn more about this inspiring development for the next season in humanity that must happen for their to be a future for humans on Earth.

Erskien Lenier

PS: Do add your own comments and feedback below... Feel free to share links to this post where ever you feel others need to see and hear what Peter speaks into life...

Monday, September 15, 2014

Is Sugar Your Enemy or Friend?

Empty, extracted sugar and artificial sugars are part of the problem but a huge other part is excessive consumption of fats and proteins. All other primates in nature are wired to consume 80% of their daily caloric needs from carbs in the form of fruits. The other 20% is 10% protein or amino rich calories & 10% plant fats or fatty acids. We've been sold the idea that we need to eat a lot of protein when in truth even when a baby is in it steepest growth spurts it has very low protein needs. Fats at a greater ratio than 10% only occur in breast milk while a child is also growing rapidly.

If you want to know what our primary native human food is, put a slice of water rich, ripe sweet fruit, some grains greens and a bunny rabbit in a play pen with a crawling toddler. It will unbiasedly show you the truth. Humans are innate or natural Fruitarians who are designed to supplement a core calorie source of fruits with the softer fiber rich greens and veggies eaten mostly raw.  

Sugar is not addictive. Every cell in the human body runs on sugar. It's called Glucose. The Brain has top priority for it and runs almost exclusively on glucose. Matter of fact if you fail to adequately feed it plenty of sugar it will tell your body to catabolize or breakdown and digest back into amino acids and all the way down to glucose any and all the muscles in your body before it even taps into fat reserves just to keep itself fed. The problem is that it takes more energy and resources to digest protein and fats than they deliver as an end energy source. That's why we must eat primarily ripe, raw, sweet, water rich and hopefully organic fruits as primary fuel. 

Putting "Eat" labels on bad things doesn't make them good for you. 

Eating the egos ideas of food is not an addiction it's ignorance. 

Your body still knows and remembers what appropriate foods are and how satisfying they are. Your programming is the cloud that obscures it's powerful truth. Choose to walk... No RUN Though it!

Educate yourself.... Question what you have sucked down by default indoctrination. Google Fruitarian, Raw vegan, raw foods, locate more people on social networks that post and share about the Fruitarian Lifestyle.... and make satiating choices.

Satiation happens when what you eat empowers all of who you are, not just the ego. It's as simple as that...

Erskien Lenier

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Robin Williams was a Failure or a Success?

This will probably be my most controversial post to date in light of Robin Williams having committed suicide and the air waves still being saturated with tears over that.

Erskien Lenier

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Why a Better Future Cannot Capture the Current Imagination

The Masses have no real Imagination!

Ponder the above sentence on depth for a bit. When we are born our minds are fully wide open - unedited and imaginative. 

From there between quickly moving us away from breast milk (if we get any at all)  to frontal brain lobe deadening fluoride laced water, species inappropriate foods, putting fever into all foods (cooking and paste resizing everything), topped off with visual and auditory indoctrination camps that go on well into the late teens to mid 20's (formal schooling). All dedicated to pounding us into ignorance of our creative and imaginative parts of our brains only to rely on a tiny ego generating part if the brain based on right and wrong based on opinions and innuendo. 

The greatest task of modern humanity is to recognize this damage and reclaim what was stolen. To break out of our collective retardation and finally become "Human - Kind" and save not just the planet but ourselves from this terminal illness.

The direct path to reclaiming lost brain power is to carb up with lots of Raw, Ripe, Water Rich, Sweet Fruits... Move away from high protein, high fat, processed, man concocted ideas of food and what your innate powers blossom.

Erskien Lenier

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Family Member Shocked Upon Returning From the War in Afganistan to See What America Has Become

A Facebook Post I did on 1-15-14 that I think reflects the profound shift that those who live in it have pretty much gone blind to....

Erskien Lenier shared Reggie Jones's status.
This is a post by one of my cousins coming home from the war in the Middle East after years of being over there. Notice his shock at what he realizes immediately upon coming home. Them check out my response to his question.
So...I come home from Afghanistan to see repeated "Breaking News" on TV about Justin Beiber and some egg attack on a neighbor's house that caused thousands of dollars in damage. WTF world? Is this what the world cares about while our Soldiers are downrange risking our lives everyday?


Erskien Lenier Your correct! Mass reprogramming of people to specialize their focus upon things that don't matter is in place. Our country is now run by corporations and not the people or the government. It's all been sold out. To get a realistic recap of this play watch the videos here: the war on The Middle East was just a distraction for the war on the minds and hearts of America.
The Zeitgeist Movement is a global sustainability activist group working to bring the world together for the common goal of species sustainability before it is too late. It is a social movement, not a political one, with over 1100 chapters across nearly all countries. Divisive notions such as nation...

Erskien Lenier There has developed an underground movement to shake the masses out of this mass hypnosis and planning organizations amongst us that have blueprinted a better system to restore truth, transparency, accountability, fairness, compassion, security, social concern, and sustainability for all. It's called The Venus Project. It's not a Space Program. It's a brilliantly engineered plan for a global society beyond politics, the need for a monetary system and will make the reasons wars happen obsolete. Check it out here:
The Venus Project calls for a redesign of our culture in which war, poverty, hunger and unnecessary human suffering are viewed not only as avoidable, but as tot

Erskien Lenier I know this will seem like overwhelming information to any who bother to read and explore all of this. As Morpheus told Neo on The Matrix when Neo complained of why his eyes hurt so much after beginning his awakening, Morpheus responded by telling Neo, "It's because you have never used your eyes before..." To ally fellow Neo's reading this... Let us begin your training... Install program Turn Your Mobile Phone Into An ATM Machine NOW. As all further lessons will require you having greater freedom to move about, access to resources and information only available to The 1% and the time to study up and teach others. Let's go... If you need a top knotch phone but don't have the funds to get it go here:
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