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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Animal Odd Couples - This challenges everything the Factory Farming - Paleo Crowd claims

Way back when I was a teen I had 3 dogs and inherited a baby duck. The duck was raised with the dogs and actually seemed to believe it was a dog. It tried to howl when the dogs howled at emergency vehicle sirens, it chased dogs and cats away from our yard along side the other dogs. fought over bowls of dog food. It didn't seem to do the peeing on every post thing though.

They wrestled, played, and slept together.

Then a huge house down the street caught on fire (we called it The Adams Family house) and tons of giant rats came out of it and invaded the neighborhood. 

They ate everything they could find and began eating into other houses. Some were over 3 lbs in size! 

We tried traps and most would just run off with the traps or chew them to pieces!

Then one day I came out to feed our dogs and duck-dog and couldn't find the duck... As I began searching for it I came upon a gruesome scene out by our garage behind a large rubarb plant... I found duck feet and a few feathers... and that's it! I saw rat foot prints all around them. I saw droppings and then I noticed rats watching me from around the borders of our yard. I grew pissed.... I went and told my Step Dad.

We out to end this invasion once and for all....

That night we poured a bag of dog food in a garbage can top and put it right where they had killed and eaten our duck. Then we sat in my bedroom windows with what was then known as CB-Caps or silent 22 caliber rifle bullets loaded. We had a dim light and scopes on both rifles and literally stayed up all night creating piles of rats until the sun came up. It took about a week of shorter sessions to clear the neighborhood but we did it. I do missed that duck.... The rats... Not so much... In a my life or an attack on someone I love vs their life I'm clear on who's checking out in that scenario. Never mind that they wiped out our every year organic garden of food that was almost ready for harvesting.

On a parallel note check this out and leave comments below on what this says to you and perhaps share this with others and share your stories of such relationships.

Erskien Lenier

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Truth About Consuming Fats

The High Fat Raw Vegan crowd and the Paleo crowd have for the longest time now raved on an on about how the amounts of fat (more than 10% of their total daily caloric intake) is so good for them and that sugar is hell fire and brimstone bad for you.

Here is a video that breaks it down into science that can be verified all over the place:

To really get the broadest sense of the big picture this video touches upon I highly recommend that one get a copy of Douglas Graham's book The 80-10-10 Diet Click Here

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Erskien Lenier
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