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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Can Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetics thrive on a Raw Fruit - Raw Vegan Diet

I here pretty regularly that people diagnosed with either form of diabetes use what the traditional medicine quack quacks push about sugar and diabetes. Check this out: To get a copy of "The 80-10-10 Diet" by Dr. Douglas Graham see the link to right of this post with the image of the books cover. Erskien Lenier Cheer Leader for the Human Spirit & a Fool Struck by Lightning

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Why Everyone of Us Needs a Life Of Our Own Design

The further along in life I go, the more I realize that every single human being is a massive genius incognito. What do I mean by that?

I've spent decades researching, witnessing, and experimenting with how we learn, different ways of thinking, how to identify a persons truest gifts and passions; their "Love Language of Life" so to speak.

I look back at my own story and remember how even as a small child people who hung out with me for any period of time would say things like, "You're going be a Rocket Scientist, Doctor, Professor, Teacher, etc."
I would simply look at them and wonder why they weren't inventing tomorrow - today?

As early as aged 5 I recalled toying with the ideas of water powered engines, magnet driven levitating transports, a world where no one wasted time earning money but instead was free to solve pervasive and significant problems that effected the lives of others and the integrity and beauty of our planet.

Then school came along.... I was instantly bored to death. The only relief was recess and lunch time where I could go out under the sky and nature and allow my mind to ponder the immenseness of life and even the wind.

I look back over the years at how I was declared "Slow" and "Unwilling to Memorize what I was being exposed to" I was even deems so slow I was held back to repeat 2nd grade.

Yet when we finally had a Science or Biology book, I read the entire thing in one week and could recite and expand upon any topic or lesson without reopening the book. I was so alive in this area that the teacher would ask me NOT to raise my hand when he asked questions until everyone else had failed to answer the question he had presented. 

Now I want you keep this in mind as you read the article below and view the video enclosed. Then look at your own "Indoctrination Journey" and ponder how much longer are you going to allow your own Inner Genius to be show horned into a Dumbed Down World of someone elses limited perspective or What will you do to create a space and way of life that allows you to become fully the Genius that You Are?

Boy genius diagnosed with autism has IQ higher than Einstein 


Kristine Barnett noticed that her little boy Jacob - whom doctors had tagged as autistic - seemed to have a fascination with patterns. So she took him out of his school's special ed program and let him study the things he's passionate about. Now Jacob is on his way to winning a Nobel Prize.

This boy was fortunate enough to have parents that provided him with the freedom to establish his expression of the gift to life that he is. I was not so fortunate and perhaps you were not either.

I have come to realize that the more personal and financial freedom I reclaim as an adult now, the more this amazingly creative and fun side of myself reemerges just as passionately and potently as days of old.. So my suggestion to anyone who still feels that pull for personal space, time and resources to create a life of your own design is to give yourself the time and funds to open up your lifes full measure. Some of the ways I am freeing myself up from having to Hamster Wheel Life Pursue Money Production and Buy Back My Time is through the creation of Residual Income Streams through modern day on and off line opportunities that offer products and services that support kind of life and world I and those who tend to recognize they want personal freedom too endorse.

Here is one of my favorite tools for Financial Independence:

I have more if your interested. Just ask...

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PS: and do share this post with others you know that struggle with fitting into a world that was set up for their kind of creative genius. Be the change you seek in the world....