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Monday, September 15, 2014

Is Sugar Your Enemy or Friend?

Empty, extracted sugar and artificial sugars are part of the problem but a huge other part is excessive consumption of fats and proteins. All other primates in nature are wired to consume 80% of their daily caloric needs from carbs in the form of fruits. The other 20% is 10% protein or amino rich calories & 10% plant fats or fatty acids. We've been sold the idea that we need to eat a lot of protein when in truth even when a baby is in it steepest growth spurts it has very low protein needs. Fats at a greater ratio than 10% only occur in breast milk while a child is also growing rapidly.

If you want to know what our primary native human food is, put a slice of water rich, ripe sweet fruit, some grains greens and a bunny rabbit in a play pen with a crawling toddler. It will unbiasedly show you the truth. Humans are innate or natural Fruitarians who are designed to supplement a core calorie source of fruits with the softer fiber rich greens and veggies eaten mostly raw.  

Sugar is not addictive. Every cell in the human body runs on sugar. It's called Glucose. The Brain has top priority for it and runs almost exclusively on glucose. Matter of fact if you fail to adequately feed it plenty of sugar it will tell your body to catabolize or breakdown and digest back into amino acids and all the way down to glucose any and all the muscles in your body before it even taps into fat reserves just to keep itself fed. The problem is that it takes more energy and resources to digest protein and fats than they deliver as an end energy source. That's why we must eat primarily ripe, raw, sweet, water rich and hopefully organic fruits as primary fuel. 

Putting "Eat" labels on bad things doesn't make them good for you. 

Eating the egos ideas of food is not an addiction it's ignorance. 

Your body still knows and remembers what appropriate foods are and how satisfying they are. Your programming is the cloud that obscures it's powerful truth. Choose to walk... No RUN Though it!

Educate yourself.... Question what you have sucked down by default indoctrination. Google Fruitarian, Raw vegan, raw foods, locate more people on social networks that post and share about the Fruitarian Lifestyle.... and make satiating choices.

Satiation happens when what you eat empowers all of who you are, not just the ego. It's as simple as that...

Erskien Lenier

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